The Army Store is the largest Airsoft dealer in Dallas, Texas.  We don’t just sell guns, ammo, parts and supplies we also play so we know what we are talking about when you come looking for Airsoft.

We have everything you need for Airsoft:

Guns – all types and kinds, electric, spring, gas

Ammo – from small to large quantities and everything in between

Batteries and Gas

Parts – springs, screws, hopup’s, gear boxes, barrels, gears everything you need

Slings, magazines

Lights, mounts, scopes

Clothing, vests, belts, pants, jackets

Helmets, headgear, hats

MOLLE Gear, Tactical Gear

We offer REPAIR SERVICES for most guns

You MUST bring your gun in for a REPAIR QUOTE – we do not quote prices on repair over the phone.

Most of our time is spent selling Airsoft and Surplus so it may take a bit for us to get these pages finished.