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If you don't know about Airsoft then you came to the right place. The Army Store, is the authority on everything Airsoft.

We have the largest most complete collection of Airsoft in the North Texas area.

The Army Store

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The Army Store has been serving the citizens of Dallas for decades, we are the oldest surplus store in Dallas

We are a family owned business that specialized in providing our customers the best in service and products to entertain, protect and collect.

Stop by and check out our store we are here to serve.


Op Check
Any operator knows that comms are critical to any sucessfull operation. Our customers are our life line and we are committed to having and open line of communications to ensure the your mission is sucessful.

Call us if you wish. Email is the best option and is processed usualy within 24 hours after it is received in our commo bunker.

Our customer service people will do their best to answser any and ll of your questions to the best of our abiliites.